Are we good enough?

Buck Denver and Chester Whigget's Popsicle Stick Theater

Where has summer gone!? There is one week left to join us on our movie adventure. In the meantime, continue the learning at home!

Last week we learned about Esther. Our video included a presentation by Chester Whigget’s famous Popsicle Stick Theater. Watch the start of Esther’s story in this video. (If you are reading this in an email click here to view the video).

Yep. King Xerxes definitely had too much coffee. Here are some questions to talk about at the family dinner table. (Or wherever your family is gathered together.) You can ask these questions even if you missed the video showing last weekend! For other sets of discussion questions view here. If desired, print out this family discussion guide here. (Spread this out over several days.)


  • Pass around a Bible. The person holding the Bible gets to be the one who shares their glads and sads for the day. (Or perhaps you call them peaks and pits?)
  • Just as a library has different types of books, so does the Bible! Did you know that there are books we call “History books” in the Bible? What sort of history do you suppose those books tell?
  • The books of History tell of the interaction of God with people in history. Why do you suppose that learning about God’s past interaction with people is important?
  • Esther is a book of History. What can you tell me about Esther?
  • Esther is good storytime reading. Read it together with feeling! (You may wish to paraphrase parts for the younger set.)
  • Did you know that in the book of Esther, God is never mentioned!?! Why do you suppose that is? (Scholars continue to debate this question!) Do you suppose it is for us to see that God is always with us even though he doesn’t get talked about?
  • Puppet Brother Louie from What's in the Bible? DVD

    God is always with us, but are we good enough for God? I mean, as humans we mess up all the time! (And we forget to ask God for help.) How can we be good enough for God? (Brother Louie asked this question in our video.)

  • Do we need God in our lives or can we do it on our own?
  • We are humans. We fail. We do things that separate us from God and from other people (we call that sin). What we learn from the historical books of the Old Testament is that people throughout history have tried and tried to be good enough for God. What usually ends up happening? (That’s right – they fail. Just like we do. But rather than being depressing, it points out our need for Jesus as our Savior!)
  • God used an ordinary woman named Esther to save his people. Do you suppose that God could use you to do something special? How does it change your life to know that God has something special planned for you to do?

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