To the mother who was so embarrassed…

I’ll bet you cringed when your child sighed loudly at all the wrong times in worship this morning.

Did his twitching, I-can’t stay-still-I’m-a-kid, bother you? Were his seemingly constant, questioning whispers so distressing?

Please know: It didn’t bother me!

Really. I welcomed his presence.

I'm bored

I’ll bet you wanted to melt away at the number of sheets of pew note papers he doodled upon. Or the way he dragged at your arm and gave you those sad eyes.

No matter! I rejoiced that I shared your pew!

I saw good parenting in action.

He may not be able to tell you who was a major (or a minor!) character in the Bible story, or what sort of music was played during the service, or list the finer points of the sermon. The important thing…

He was there! He watched you worship!

He held the hymnal with you when we all sang and followed along with his finger on the words. (At least for the first few hymns).
He heard everyone pray together the Lord’s Prayer.
He saw the offering plate encircling the Sanctuary.
He was vigilant when the pastor lifted his arms to invoke the Benediction.

He was learning about worship.

So, don’t be embarrassed! And please keep bringing your child to worship. It’s your job as a loving parent. Keep up the good work!

Love, Carol

a blue line

Photo credits:
Bored child adapted from a photo by Stephanie Jones on Flickr, under a Creative Commons License.

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