How was it possible?

David vs. Goliath? How was it possible that little David won the battle?

It was a little guy vs. a BIG Giant! Sort of like the tug-of-war we set up last week.

a tug-of-war between a little kid and a big man

We wanted kids to realize how unlikely it was that David could have won against Goliath. One little guy was a piece of cake for “our Goliath,” just as it should have been for the real Goliath.

Two kids even tried to beat him. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I realize that David didn’t face Goliath in a game of tug-of-war but… how did David pull this off?

Goliath vs. two kids

Meanwhile, tnree tried. Goliath didn’t even break a sweat.

Three kids try against our Goliath

So ask these questions in your family get together: How did David do it?
  • All of the other Israelites, including King Saul, were terrified of Goliath. No one else had enough courage to fight him. Why do you suppose David volunteered to fight Goliath? (Read David’s reasoning in 1 Samuel 17:37).
  • David trusted that God would be with him, I wonder how he came to believe that?
  • Why did David go into battle without any “protective” armor of the heavy-duty metal sort? (Read David’s answer in 1 Samuel 17:39).
  • Just because it didn’t feel right!!? David must have had some sort of super-weapon. His slingshot must have been the extra-whiz-bang-model! (Read about it in 1 Samuel 17:40). What! It wasn’t! What did David take with him into battle besides the 5 smooth stones and a slingshot? (Get a hint: 1 Samuel 17:45-47).
  • He had faith! He knew he could defeat Goliath by trusting in God and relying on God’s power! Let’s look at the way David thought of God: Read Psalm 23. (To David, God was a shepherd that took care of all of his needs.)
  • What lesson do you take away from this story about David’s faith and trust in God?

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