Surf Shack VBC – Wednesday

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It’s day 3 at the Surf Shack — Vacation Bible Camp at FUMC and we are…

Catching the wave of God’s amazing love at
Surf Shack!

(Be sure to visit all of the days of our hanging out together at the Surf Shack.)

We were amped for Tidal Tunes today! (Did you know that “amped” is surfer lingo for “really looking forward to a surf.” Yep, we were amped.) We learned one new song — Go With the Flow — and sang the “repeats.” Watch this:

If reading this in an email, you may need to watch the video at this link.

Skippy and Snappy the Crab were back. Snappy sure used some big words today: Crabulous and crabtastic! What will Snappy say next?

Each day we are learning more about God. Today we learned that:

God Loves!

In particular, we heard about a big way that one day God gave some “thumbs up” type of love. It happened in a river. (Have you noticed that all of our stories this week have been about water?)

What was the big thumbs up? Right after Jesus was baptized God told everyone…

Open quote markThis is my Son whom I dearly love; I find happiness in him.

That is from the Bible in Matthew 3:17b. We can read all about this event in Matthew 3:13-17, and in John 1:29-34. I’m sure it was a crabtastic experience for Jesus!

VBC refridge magnet day 3 - God LovesTo help us remember today’s Wave Words — “God Loves” and our Pop-Up Verse, we got another Scripture Treasure magnet!

Are you lining yours up on the fridge? Are you able to say them all? That’s like storing up God’s good words in your “heart.” (Need other ways to help your kids learn Bible verses? Check this out.)


At the bottom of this post, is a slideshow of photos that tell the story of what your kids did today. Talk about it while you look at the pictures.


What did the Grad Group do today? They worked on another mission project, of course! They delivered cereal boxes to the Bryant Community Center. While they were there they also helped clean up and weeded. They sure are being God’s hands and feet this week. Oh, and they also reported our fund raising results so far. We’re getting closer to our goal! Boxes of cereal: 71. Money for Camp Garjay in Liberia: $202.94 so far!


Continue the learning at home!

Here are a couple of questions to talk about around the family dinner table or wherever your family gets together:

  • Today we learned that God loves. Who is someone that you love? What are some ways you show your love to that person?
  • We can show our love to others. What about ways we tell them we love them? When was the last time you said words of praise to someone else?
  • When God gave Jesus a “thumbs up,” God said that Jesus was his son and that he loved Jesus. Re-read today’s Pop-Up Verse. Have your child close his or her eyes as you say this to them: “You are my child whom I love. I find happiness in you.” (You’ve just blessed your child! Read all about the importance of regularly blessing your kids.
  • Here’s a couple of Bible questions: What Testament are the books of Matthew and John in? What are the names of the four books that start off the New Testament? (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) What do we call those four books, collectively? (the Gospels) Can you tell me what the word “gospel” means? (good news) What is the good news in today’s story?


Enjoy the slide show! (Start it by clicking the triangle button.)

See you tomorrow!

~~ Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo credits:
Surf Shack images used by permission of Cokesbury.
Rest of photos courtesy of various volunteers at VBC!

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