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Welcome back to highlights of our Surf Shack – day two! It’s Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at FUMC where we are…

Catching the wave of God’s amazing love at
Surf Shack!

(Be sure to visit all of the days of our hanging out at the Surf Shack.)

We learn a new song, with more motions.

Tidal Tunes was once again an epic time! (Did you know that “epic” is surfer lingo for “awesome.”) We learned new songs, and of course we had to sing the “old” ones. Singing is so much fun! Even Snappy joins in.

Skippy and SnappyWe were just getting started and Skippy got a call on her “shell phone.” (Yep, it was a shell.) That meant we needed to watch the video feed from the Surf Central Factory. I wonder what sort of board they will design today? It will have something to do with helping because today we learned that:

God Helps!

We heard about a time when God helped a small baby named Moses. It was interesting how God helped Moses. God didn’t flash lightening bolts, instead he worked “behind the scenes” — it was a case of God at work helping, through people.

You see, Moses was living in some tough times. There was a king called “Pharaoh” who was afraid of the increasing number of Hebrews that were living in Egypt. So to try and stop them, he tried to kill all the Hebrew baby boys. But it didn’t work with Moses!

Our surfers met three awesome women: Moses’ big sister Miriam, Moses’ mother and Pharaoh’s daughter. God helps Moses by helping these women make bold choices. And Moses’ life is saved! Surfers realize that they too can trust in God for help in their lives.

VBC refridge magnet day 2 - God HelpsTo help us remember this, we’ve got another Scripture Treasure magnet! It has today’s Wave Words — “God Helps” and it has our Pop-Up Verse for the day, which is:

Open quote markYour help has made me great.   Psalm 18:35b

And of course we also reviewed the Overall theme verse for the week: Nehemiah 4:14b.

Open quote markRemember that the Lord is great and awesome.


Down below, at the bottom of this post, is a slideshow of pictures that tell the story of what your kids did today. Ask your kids to tell you about their day. And check it out, more pictures have been added to yesterday’s report.


Today our “older” elementary kids in our Grad Group worked on a local mission project. They headed out to the veggie garden at Green Wood, where they harvested produce and spread wood chips. Everything that comes out of this garden gets donated to the Food Gatherers Faith and Food program. Do you know that today’s vegetable haul was the biggest amount ever from our garden? 85 pounds!!!

The big haul! 85 pounds!

They were back in time to report on our fund-raising progress. Keep it coming dudes, we aren’t done yet!

The Grad Group reported on our collection so far.


At the end of our morning we all headed back into the Sanctuary for some more rowdy singing.

Closing time and more singing


Continue the learning at home!

Here are a couple of questions to talk about around the family dinner table or wherever your family gets together:

  • When is a time when someone helped you?
  • When are times when you’ve helped others?
  • When have you been God’s helper, or how do you suppose God may be inviting you to be his helper?
  • A good time to remember that “God Helps” is when something scary happens. What should you do? Look for the helpers. God sends helpers. (Mr. Rogers came up with this answer.)
  • Here’s a couple of Bible questions: What Testament is the book of Nehemiah in? Do you know what the small “b” means in Nehemiah 4:14b? Look up this verse in a Bible and see if you can figure it out. Need some help? Try looking up yesterday’s Pop-Up Verse, Psalm 8:1b. See a pattern? (Check for punctuation marks.)
  • Interested in studying more about Moses and about God working through others? Take a look at this.


Enjoy the slide show!

We are having so much fun with your kids! See you tomorrow!

~~ Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo credits:
Surf Shack images used by permission of Cokesbury.
Rest of photos courtesy of various volunteers at VBC!

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