A challenge: What does your Advent look like?

Advent Collage for #pictureAdvent

Advent is here!

Rather than posting weekly on the blog, I’m participating in a photo-a-day challenge based on Advent themes. For example, today is “Prepare” and tomorrow is “Abound.” This has been fun!

Take a look at my photos so far. (If you click on a photo you can read my thoughts that go with each theme.)

Join in if you’d like, just tag your photos with #pictureAdvent. Or have your kids draw a picture that represents the day’s theme. You may also choose to read the short Bible passages that go along with each day’s word.

Days of Picture Advent 2015Here are the daily Advent words.


One of the best distinctions of Advent? There is no reason why you can’t talk about Jesus every day!

Use some of these family-friendly Advent ideas to help out.
    Wandering wise men

  • Follow along with the antics of these guys on a whimsical quest to find the infant king — the Wandering Wisemen Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar along with their faithful camel, Hezekiah. (You don’t need to be a Facebook user to see these daily posts.)

    Why not make use of the characters in your manger scene/crèche? Take turns moving them (not just the magi!) around your home on their way to the stable. What adventures will they experience?

  • A grazing sheep made out of LegosThere are a multitude of ideas here, for LEGO®-maniacs, bookworms, and “RACK”-makers! (RACK stands for “Random Acts of Caring Kindness.) Oldies but goodies.
  • More ideas including ways to find peace amongst all of the frantic-ness. Yes, I need this!
  • Live Nativity

  • Plan on attending the comedic drama performed by our youth at 5pm on Sunday, December 20, 2015, in the downtown Sanctuary of FUMC.

    Afterwards there is a live nativity and Christmas caroling. Carlos the donkey will be there.

What is your Advent looking like?

Photo credits:
Photos in collage are from my archives. Challenge list from pictureAdvent.com. Wandering wisemen borrowed from the creator of the series. Sheep from LEGO® bricks, by Leo Dorst. Reproduced by permission.

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