Are you sending off your kids with heartfelt wisdom?

Children board a school bus as parents say good-bye

September is here. School started yesterday.
Did you send your child off with a blessing? With words that when continually spoken, become the playbook they run in their heads?

It’s never too late to start! To help form this new habit, here is a blessing to use. Add on to “See you this afternoon,” with…

Go with the confidence of God’s love.

It’s simple. It’s short. It’s easily said.

How about a new blessing every Wednesday…
“Wednesday’s Weekly Blessing.”
It’s got a catchy sort of ring to it. Let’s try it out. OK? (At least for September.)

Later added note: We kept up with blessings on Wednesday’s for quite some time! Blessings never expire. Look for one that appeals to you!

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Photo credit:
Boarding the school bus by Lwp Kommunikáció, licensed on Flickr under Creative Commons (CC BY 2.0).