The Beatitudes – workshops we’ve used

Rotation Model logoWhen you’ve been using the Workshop Rotation Model for Sunday school as long as we have (15+ years!) you find that stories are repeated – at least every 6 years. (Six grades cycling through each Rotation… every six years is a totally new group of kids. Time for some do-again!)

In April 2017 we are about to revisit The Beatitudes, last done in 2004 and 2010. The schedule of which workshop your child will visit in the coming weeks, can be found on this page.

In a look at the past, here is what we did in each workshop for The Beatitudes Rotation, in preceding years:

  • In the Art Workshop (2010) students will imagine themselves in the crowd that participated in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. They will create renditions of themselves that will then be cutout and displayed on a mural. Stay tuned to see everyone at the Sermon on the Mount! (To ensure that everyone has a chance to be in our creation, two Art workshops will run concurrently, one for younger grades and one for older.)
  • In the Cooking Workshop (2010) students will discuss how Jesus’ teachings seem contrary (upside-down). Create mini Pineapple Upside-Down cakes to take home to share with their family. (And hopefully to further talk about the up-side down nature of Jesus’ words!)
  • In the Drama Workshop (2010) students will use sign language to discover a different way to express the Beatitudes. Discuss how can we apply the Beatitudes to our lives in the “Kingdom of God.”
  • In the Games Workshop students will explore living as Jesus taught while playing as game pieces on a life-size game board.
  • In the Video Workshop (2010) students will view the live-action video, The Visual Bible: Matthew showing Jesus teaching the Beatitudes.

Why are we doing different workshops?
There are several reasons including:

  • Our focus for a Rotation has changed (we’ve gained new understanding!)
  • We know our kids. We know what will, and won’t work with them.
  • We’ve got a new idea for a workshop!


Photo credits:
Rotation Model logo, used with permission, has been slightly altered.

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