Sky VBC: Day 5

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Sky Vacation Bible Camp (VBC): Where everything is possible with God! Here’s what your kids did today…
God Sightings, Day 5
We started our day at Up & Away Sing & Play by singing (of course!) and we got to watch a video of us from yesterday! What great memories. We also remembered where we saw God yesterday and added to our God Sightings poster.

The Bible Buddy for day 5: Rockette the Flying SquirrelOne more Bible Buddy! Today it’s Rockette the Flying Squirrel! Flying Squirrels don’t really fly, they actually glide. They have a built-in flap of skin between their front and back legs which acts like a parachute that lets them glide from the tippy tops of trees. And can they cover a lot of ground! That sounds scary. Sometimes do you have to go places that are scary? I’ll bet that going places has something to do with our Bible Point for the day.

What’s the Bible verse for today?

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9

Flash, Day 5 Flash and our leader of Up & Away Sing & Play

We wanted to see Flash one last time but she didn’t even answer her phone! Why? Graduation from flight school is coming up and she’s afraid of going out into the real world; what if she is sent flying somewhere she’s never been before? We taught her another Bible Point!

No matter where you are… trust God!

Then it was off to the stations. The preschoolers had fun at:

  • Games – We played a game called “Slippery Fish” and we went “fishing” for hidden fish. We learned that even if nobody knows where you are, God knows! He is always with us.
  • Pre-K Games, Day 5

  • Drama/Bible Adventures – We heard our story about Jesus helping his friends to fish and then we built a boat and went fishing! I wonder if we got wet? Then we had “breakfast” on the beach. We also heard a story that takes place in Liberia, called Koi and the Kola Nuts.
  • Pre-K Drama/Bible Adventures, Day 5 We listen to a story from Liberia
  • Bible Buddies – Skyler fixed his rocket! How great it was for him to be able to travel to so many places, even though Skyler was afraid of heights! No matter where he was, he could trust God.
  • Chadder & Orly watch the lift off of Skyler's rocket Skyler is ready for blast off!
  • Crafts – We decorated picture frames for our crew photos.
  • Pre-K Crafts, Day 5 Pre-K Crafts, day 5

Meanwhile elementary kids visited the following stations:

  • All-Star Games – Today we played “Take the Treasure” and a couple of tag games. I think we got rather wet. I wonder how that happened? Elementary Games, Day 5
  • Wild Blue Bible Adventures – We started off reviewing all that we’d done this week. Wow what a busy week. We’re tired! We decided to go fishing! But we didn’t catch anything! And that’s just what happened in our Bible story, in John 21:1-14. Jesus’ friends didn’t catch any fish until Jesus showed up. He helped them catch a lot of fish! Yep, wherever Jesus is, amazing things happen.
  • Sky High Movie & Missions – We watched the finale of our video. Who won the contest? Then we spent time making thank you cards for all of the volunteers at VBC! (There were a lot of them!)
  • Bible Adventures & Missions, Day 5

  • Imagination Station – Today we mixed up a special formula for bubbles. We talked about how no one can know where a bubble will float. No matter where they go…
  • Mixing up something special! Making bubbles!

Grad group heads off to deliver school kitsThe Grad Group went on another field trip today. They delivered school supply kits to the Bryant Community Center. On the way back they stopped for some fun at Burns Park. (They’ve been working so hard all week, they deserved a break!)

What was our snack today at Sky Dive Diner? It was called “Barbell Bites.” Ask your child how this snack tied into our Bible point of the day. Snack Day 5

Finally we gathered one last time at Fly Away Finale for singing and dancing. (Who has the tune to our theme song stuck in their head?)

Dancing at Finale, day 5 Pastor Doug visits

We had a visit from Pastor Doug. And we got a report on our collection for Camp RAWANA – we’ve provided funds for 35 kids to go to camp! (Ask your kids how we demonstrated this.) AND we provided 93 school supply kits to our local mission. All ways to share smiles with those around us! What a great week we’ve had!

Today’s Links of interest (click on the highlighted words):

And, some conversation starters on our global mission project: Camp RAWANA Youth Camp in Liberia:

  • What was the name of that country again, that you were raising money for a camp?
  • Why do you suppose we should be helping people in such a far off country?
  • What was the most interesting thing you learned this week about the people of Liberia and the RAWANA Youth Camp?
  • What was your favorite part of Sky VBC?
  • Can you imagine someone in Liberia finding out that they get to spend time at Camp RAWANA? How do you think they’d feel?

Thanks for joining us at VBC!
~~Carol (on behalf of the VBC Team)

Join us at 9:30 this coming Sunday at FUMC. Put on your VBC t-shirt and be ready to sing! We’ll be singing our theme song (hear it in this post) and “You, You, You.” (Hear it here.)

Photo credits: Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Bible Buddy image used by permission of Group Publishing.
Rest of photos courtesy of Griffin, Wendy, and Carol.

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