What is an “Offering?”

A quick quiz:

Which of the following pictures show people making an “offering” to God?

working in the greenhouse on the Appalachia mission trip
kids digging a drainage trench on the Appalachia Mission Trip
Working the sound booth during VBC
a baby is held in the nursery

Bravo if you answered, “all of the above.” That’s right, all of the photos show someone who is (or could be in the case of the last picture) making an offering to God.

An offering is when we give something to God. It may be showing love to someone, serving or helping someone, or giving money. Discuss around the family dinner table (or wherever your family is gathered together): What are other ways we give offerings?

Photo credits:
Click here for info on banner photo (not visible in readers or email).
Money photo from public domain clip art.
Other photos from my archives or used by permission from church members.

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