Thank God! The world is a place where one can encounter God. (If we notice.)

The altar last Thanksgiving

In this season of Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

My gratitude list includes the usual sorts of thankfuls, such as:

  • Greg’s pizza-oven-roasted potatoes.
  • Hearing about Lara’s “Best.Day.Ever.”
  • A text from Scott: safe arrival.
  • Lunch with a friend.
  • …To name just a few.

My list also includes hard things that seem difficult to be thankful for.

  • Tears at saying goodbye.
  • Facing change.
  • Mistakes, and more mistakes.
  • Hard eucharisteo.

And then there are entries on my list of things that I should be thankful for every day… but I just forget.

  • That God has chosen me for my weaknesses. (My weakness amplifes my need for God.)
  • That God is always present with me! (Whether I sense him or not, he is a constant companion!)
  • …So easy to forget!

Perhaps we are all like Jacob who experiences God in his life and says,

Open quote markSurely the Lord is in this place, and I was not aware of it.
Genesis 28:16

Our Cool Disciples story about Jacob and Esau is such a large story that we’ve broken it into two parts (part one and part two). With such a big story it is easy to loose sight of the main point. We could become embroiled in the details — who are all of the characters, and what happens, and in what order — which is important to know, but is not the most critical. Here is the point which we hope stands out:

God makes his presence known in our lives.

The world is a place where one can encounter God, reaching out to us.
If we take notice.


As we head into the crazy-busy days ahead, can we make time to notice God? God seeks an encounter with us; God endeavors to get your attention!

For this I can say:

Thanks God!
Happy Thanksgiving
— Carol

Photo credits:
Photo of the Thanksgiving altar at church is from my archives.

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2 thoughts on “Thank God! The world is a place where one can encounter God. (If we notice.)

  1. Great photo, Carol. I believe it’s from the altar last Sunday at FUMC? Thank YOU for putting Thanksgiving thoughts into words so eloquently also.

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