What Should I do When I’m Afraid?

Monkey pilots Clive and Ian's Wonder-BlimpEach week this summer we’ve joined Clive and Ian in their Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge (expertly piloted by Monkey).

We’ve been using the Wonder-Blimp to search for answers to big questions about God, and about our relationship with God.

Our question for today was:

What should I do when I’m afraid?

What a good question! (Surely you’ve experienced fear!) Use these thought-provoking questions to continue the discussion. Start the conversation in the car on the way home from church, or around the family dinner table, or wherever your family is gathered together.

Ask these questions even if you missed the video showing!

Have some family time discussion…

  • Have everyone share about a time when you felt afraid. (Parents too! Share about something that you used to fear when you were a child.)
  • What can you do when you are afraid?
  • How can God help us with our fears?
  • In a Bible, look up Philippians 4:6 in the New Testament. What does this verse tell us that we can do with our fears?
  • Give everyone a blob of Play-Doh and have them form whatever they would like to pray about. Place everyone’s objects in the center of the table and use them to pray.
  • Dr. Schniff reminded us that God is more powerful than whatever it is that you are afraid of, and God is always with us! Can you think of any Bible stories where God showed his power when people were afraid? (Try Mark 4:35-41 or Daniel 6:16-23.)
  • Bonus question: Do you suppose Monkey ever gets tired of piloting the Wonder-Blimp?


This summer, we hope you’ll join us on our movie adventure and also, continue the learning at home.

Photo credits:
Photos from the producer of our video Clive & Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge, under a fair use category.

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