Weird Animals VBC – Day 3

VBC 2014 Scene

Weird Animals Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) at FUMC

Where Jesus’ Love is One-Of-a-Kind!

First an important note for your calendar…

This Sunday, July 13th — A Special Sunday Morning VBC Celebration:
All kids, volunteers and their families are invited! Put on your VBC t-shirt, bring along your singing voice, and join us at FUMC’s 9:30 worship service this Sunday morning to showcase a few songs and Bible points that we’ve learned this past week.
Kids ages 3 and up are also invited to participate in Sunday’s Cool immediate following the VBC performance. Nursery care available for kids 0-2 years. In July, preschoolers are learning about Offering (click here for more info) and elementary school kids are enjoying a summer movie series called, Buck Denver’s What’s in the Bible? Click here for more info.

Here’s what your kids did at VBC today…

We started off our morning at Sing & Play Stampede, and we rocked the jungle!

Sing and Play Stampede

We sang more Weird Animals VBC songs (of course!), learned the Day 3 Bible Point and key verse, and met the daily Bible Buddy, Milton!  We also watched as that crazy Dr. Paws tried to understand why the Laughing Lion venom was stuck in the bottle.

For today’s Bible Point we learned that…

Even when you don’t understand…Jesus loves you!

This means that even when stuff happens that you don’t understand…Jesus loves you! The one thing we can always understand and depend on is Jesus’ love.

Day 3 - Milton

Bible Buddy, Milton.  Milton has a cool star on his nose that helps him when he is in the dark. He helps us understand that when life seems dark and hard to understand, it makes us very glad that Jesus loves us! (A reminder: with Bible Buddies we’re sending scripture home! And there is a free app for your smart phone or tablet that can continue the fun with your Bible Buddies. Check it out on iTunes or Google Play.)

We also got a sneak peek at today’s Bible Adventure, where we would learn today’s Bible story: Jesus washes the disciples feet. Read about it in John 13:1-17.

Today’s Bible verse is something that is also known as the “golden rule”:

“Do to others as you 
would like them to do to you.” Luke 6:31

We wondered how that verse would apply to our Bible story?


The preschoolers went off to their special rooms in Ozzy’s Preschool Park and did the following…

  • Games – Today we played Who Are You?, Toe Tag, and Do To Others.
  • Bible Adventures & Missions – Today, we learned about how some children don’t have clean water to wash their hands or to cook and especially to drink. We also had a snack (pita chips) and had our feet washed (!) by our crew leaders, just like Jesus did for his disciples.
  • KidVid Cinema – In today’s segment, Von shared his experience with leukemia and how Jesus helped him through a difficult sickness.
  • Craft & Play – We did a craft today called, Spread the Love! with coffee filters, eye droppers, and food coloring. We also were able to do a cool experiment called Bubblin’ Over (yes, bubbles were involved).


Meanwhile, elementary kids visited the following stations…

  • One-Of-a-Kind Bible Adventures – Not only, did we put on Bible Bands that show we are friends of Jesus, we also shared Bible-times bread with friends, AND, much to our surprise, had our feet washed by our crew leaders.
  • Untamed Games – Including: What’s That Noise?, Gone Batty, and What Do We Do?.
  • KidVid Cinema & Missions – In today’s segment, Von shared his experience with leukemia and how Jesus helped him through a difficult sickness.
  • Imagination Station – Today we put water drops onto a penny. In most cases, it was a lot more than we thought – another thing we don’t understand! We also wrote down other things we didn’t understand on a giant question mark.

Today’s snack at Critter Café featured “People Paws,” which were very popular. Hmmmm…ask your kids about it. (Here’s a picture of a crew of kids enjoying their snack and talking about their God Sightings.)

2014 Grad Group Alpha House B

Our oldest elementary kids in our Grad Group went on a mission today to Alpha House. They delivered toys and books that have been collected this week at VBC, heard a presentation about what Alpha House does and then went to work.  The Grad Group tackled two big projects:  inventoried fifteen tubs of donated school supplies (so that needed supplies could be identified) and completely cleaned and organized the entire lower-level play room.
At the very end of our day, we all come together for the Tail End Finale to sing some more songs, review our day, and used the giant paper question mark (that we made in the Imagination Station — filled with the things we didn’t understand) as a surprising reminder of Jesus’ love! (We put two question marks together to make a heart, another reminder that “Even when you don’t understand… Jesus Loves You”.)  The questions kids had were amazing – here are just a few examples:

  • Why do we have two eyes?
  • Is God in heaven or is he past heaven?
  • Why is food called food?
  • What does heaven look like?
  • How did life start?
  • Why are people mean?
  • Where did God come from?


Continue the learning at home!

Here are a couple of questions to talk about around the family dinner table:

  • Name the worst clean-up task that you can imagine. (Perhaps cleaning up after a sick puppy or washing the kitchen floor after a mishap involving a dozen raw eggs?)
  • Why do you suppose the disciples feet needed washing? (Hint: think about their footwear and the roads in those days.)
  • Why do you suppose Peter didn’t want Jesus to wash his feet? Would you want your teacher at school to wash your feet? Name someone whom you’d never want to wash your feet.
  • How is washing someone’s feet an act of service? What do you suppose Jesus meant by saying that his disciples should wash other people’s feet? Did he mean literally??
  • Get out a small basin, some soap and a towel. Put some warm water into the basin and wash each others feet. What are you thinking as your feet are bathed?

See you tomorrow!
~~ The VBC Team

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  1. Thanks for all the good ideas on your VBS postings. Very helpful to me as I prepare for ours next week!

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