Heroes will be on parade! Coming soon!

The logo for our Hero Central VBC

Vacation Bible Camp (VBC) is coming soon!  has arrived!

See our activity from Monday or all of the days we’ve been through so far, of our hanging out at VBC.

Get ready for Hero Central at FUMC where we will…

Discover Our Strength in God!

Each day, during VBC (July 10-14) we will embark on adventures alongside some well-known Bible heroes and discover the qualities that make us truly heroic in God. We will learn about how we have Heart, Courage, Wisdom, Hope, and Power.

Flame, the Red Panda, is our VBC sidekickAlong the way we will also meet some cool characters including Flame, who is a Red Panda.


Perhaps you’d like to prepare for VBC?

Start off by listening to our theme song, Leap of Faith.   (To watch this video you may need to go here.)


Hero CardsAsk your adults to download the app that goes along with Hero Central. On Monday at VBC we’ll receive a set of five Hero Cards. Scan the day’s Hero Card with the app, and receive a message from Flame! You’ll also be able to play the trivia game to review each day’s Bible story. Or, create your own superhero, for epic adventures around the world of the Hero Central App. Sounds like fun.

One other way to get ready is to learn about the service projects we’ve chosen this year for kids to support.

  1. A local project: Donating a box or two of cereal which will be distributed through Ann Arbor’s own Community Action Network. During the school year many families in this community rely on meals provided by the schools. In the summer months, there is no additional assistance to replace the school meals, so a box of cereal can be a big help.
  2. An international project: For the past several years our VBC (and the entire congregation) has yearly supported a project or camp in Liberia during July. We are planning to do so again this year. Below is part of a message from Rev. Nathan in Liberia who will be organizing Camp Bucalaka for youth and children. (Rev. Nathan has organized camps in several different districts or areas of the church there; this will be the first camp for this area.)
    Our next Camp is scheduled for the Gretta Muffer United Methodist School and the Dean Memorial UMC in John Dean Town, the home of our retired bishop, Rev. Dr. John G. Innis. This will be the first time for such an occasion to reach that part of our church. We are looking forward for your prayers and support.

In either case, have your kids bring their donation(s) to the collection at the front of the Sanctuary.

Are you ready to discover your strength in God?

See you soon!
~~ Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team


a mailbox iconParents and caregivers and everyone who is interested (grandma want to see what the grands are doing?) can sign up to receive an email each day during VBC. Just enter an address over on the right, up-above, and click on the big, blue button. (Or scroll down if you are reading this on your phone.)


Photo credits:
Hero Central images used by permission of Cokesbury.
Mailbox by Danil Polshin, is licensed under Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0).

Surf Shack VBC – Friday

Surf Shack Vacation Bible Camp logo

The report from day 5, the last day of our time together with 145 surfers at the Surf Shack — Vacation Bible Camp at FUMC, where we have been…

Catching the wave of God’s amazing love!

(Check out all of our Surf Shack VBC posts with slideshows (scroll down to view each individual day.)

Our day started at Tidal Tunes with singing, of course! (I’m going to miss this!) But you know what? Your child can once again be up-front this coming Sunday as we’ll be singing our favorite song (Shine Bright) in the church service at FUMC. Put on your VBC t-shirt and please do join us at 9:30!

Skippy and Snappy, were curious this morning. They wondered what strange breakfasts surfers had experienced in the past. It was fun to hear some of the responses. Snappy got a little nervous when one surfer said they’d had crab for breakfast!

crabs for breakfast

Skipper was asking questions about our morning meal because today’s Bible story was about a breakfast on a beach. You can read our story in the Bible at John 21:1-17. Our story includes an amazing fishing incident where, after many fruitless tries to catch fish, Jesus’ disciples listen to Jesus as he urges them to “try again.” At that, the disciples catch an abundance of fish! They then join Jesus for breakfast on the beach. Afterwards Jesus sends them into the world to tell the Good News about Jesus’ love.

That ties right into our Wave Words for the day…

God Sends!

There are lots of instances in the Bible where God reminds us that he wants us to go into the world. Listen to our Pop-Up Verse

Open quote markThen I heard the Lord’s voice saying, ‘Whom should I send, and who will go for us?’ I said, ‘I’m here; send me.’ (Isaiah 6:8)

I’m wondering if we will willingly join in and say, “I’m here. Send me!”

The Grad Group gathers up all of the cereal boxes to be counted.The Grad Group counted all of the donated cereal boxes and coins. The report: Boxes of cereal… 170 and for Camp Garjay in Liberia… $500.64 (Double chill!) They delivered the last load to Bryant Community Center. After that, they had some outdoor group games at Burns Park. A very successful week of service for our Grad Group!


Here’s a video from Wednesday of Go With the Flow.

If reading this in an email, you may need to watch the video at this link.

VBC for next year
And… Put these dates on your calendar now!
Thanks for sharing your kids with us. I hope to see you on Sunday!

~~ Carol, on behalf of the VBC Team

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Interested in a little taste of VBC every week? Read about our awesome way of teaching kids all about our loving God. We’ll be starting up again on Sunday, September 11th.

Photo credits:
Surf Shack images used by permission of Cokesbury.
Rest of photos… special thanks to Tom Gardner for the videos and multitude of pictures every day, and to Beth, Melanie, Wendy, Juli, Mary, and Tori.

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